Azure Depths

The stars are bright,

They smile and dance,

They shine a magic hue.

The dragons fly,

Amidst the dust,

Of planetary dew.

And here sit I,

With choco and pie,

Toasting my feet by the fire.

Singing a tune,

Of the dragons and stars,

Accompanied on a lyre.

The birds giggled lightly,

Their voices caught wind.

Their ruffled, soft feathers,

Will never be thinned.

They flitted from branches,

They hopped and they flew.

They twirled soft dances,

And gathered sweet dew.

The trees are their friends,

And the flowers, their love.

And loves them especially,

One summer dove.

A seed they have planted,

From spirit it grew.

They light up the world, 

That is what they do.

I open the pages,

I smell their crisp scent.

It seems it was ages,

Since words which you lent.

You wrote good and kind feelings,

Of sureness and strength.

You wrote one hundered kindlings,

Of enormous length.

I felt you right there with me,

All through the night.

As I went through the word and key,

I felt no more fright.

You’re there with me surely,

I feel it, I know.

You wrote it so purely,

There’s no where to snow.

You promise me safety,

And a meeting come soon.

It’s only that lately,

It is already June.

You haven’t come home yet,

You haven’t sent word.

I know I should not fret,

But no one else heard.

Your voice or your laughter,

Your stomping loud boots.

Perhaps it’s the dawn you’re after,

And freshly ripe fruit.

I cannot see clearly,

Yet maybe you can.

But I miss you most dearly,

Please come home before longer span.

The chill of morning seeps through glass,

Caressing it with breaths of mist.

The dewy moist drops kiss the grass,

In early hours stands a mill of grist.

Its wheel turns slowly,

Water seeping through its limbs.

It swooshes lowly,

Humming quiet water hymns. 

Content the day seems,

I feel so.

Fulfilled the day gleams,

Don’t you know.

With happy feelings the day starts,

Quiet and hardworking.

The beating of the river’s hearts,

Hope they aren’t overworking.

Enchantment lingers in the air, 

And it filters through the trees.

It dances a fine waltz so fair,

And it wafts through all it sees.

It kindles the small fireflies,

And wraps around the leaves,

It kisses the small butterflies,

And blesses hills of neves.

At first she seems so very cold,

Unfriendly, and unkind.

But once you get to know her,

You will see that you were blind.

She cares for all, yet no one sees,

How she persists so long.

If you listen very closely,

You will hear her lonely song.


Time Voyager

On a journey he will take you,

On a journey you will fly.

The sky is a fantastic hue,

Please do not be so shy.

He will not wait forever,

So go pack your bags right now!

You won’t find one so clever,

So you simply must allow!

A galaxy, if you so wish,

Will be right at your door.

Just do not wish on golden fish,

Your dissappointment will be sore.

His spontaneity is frightful,

Though sometimes it’s all okay.

You’ll soon find it delightful,

And you’ll really want to stay. 


Mysterious Soul

Everything you do is strange and distant, 

Taking people by the hand.

You have a forcefield so persistent, 

Making it seem so unplanned.

Sitting down you smoke your pipe,

Blowing circles left and right.

Mindless noise is not your type,

In it you find no delight.

No one knows what’s in your mind,

Your eyes reveal just mysteries.

Everyone tries hard to find,

Your past and future histories.


The Giants Of The Sea

The brilliant sun, the shining sails,

The playful sea, the large blue whales.

They race the ship with lots of verve,

And cheer the sailors who observe.

They dive beneath, they form cartwheels,

The sailors are head over heels.

They’re glad and fun and cheerful too,

They’re beautiful creatures, that is true.

The giants of the salty sea,

That’s simply what they’ll always be.


Wise Old Tree

I am in love with every breath you take,

Your branches are so wide and grand.

You sway your leaves with lots of shake,

And stand to overlook your land.

It’s magic filled, enchanted fields,

Surrounding you like quilts.

So many animals you’ve healed,

With branches long and wide like stilts.

You’ve been around for many an age,

You’ve seen so many souls.

Does the world not feel like a cage?

There’s just so many missing holes.

You stand there though, so old and wise,

With a large tender heart and mind.

The sunshine is your biggest prize,

Though some say that you’re only blind.

You’re not though and that’s plain to see,

You watch your land with great intent.

I notice that with lots of glee,

'Cuz it's to your large trunk I went.

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